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Is Your Government Lawful?
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Carolina Liberty in the News

Cliff & Tyler Interviewed, WFDD (NPR 88.5 FM)
Text of the Story
State Sovereignty Sign at WS Tea Party (photo#6)
"They're talkin' 'bout a revolution" - Yes Weekly

Online Reading & Media

In the Name of Liberty (PDF)
-Bill Randell
Carolina Liberty Introduction Speech (MP3)
-Bill Randell
Carolina Liberty YouTube Channel
America: Freedom to Fascism
Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. Will Cease to Exist (YouTube)
It is Time to Refresh the Tree of Liberty
-Greg Evensen

Liberty: A Christian's Perspective
Churches & the 501c3
"Christians Use Prophecy to Excuse Laziness"
-Chuck Baldwin
"The Church's Role In Preserving Liberty" (MP3)
-Chuck Baldwin
State Listings of Black Regiment Preachers
-Chuck Baldwin
The Christian Citizen
-Dr. Charles Stanley
Pastor Steven L Anderson at AZ Tea Party
"Stand Up" - Song by Patty Lake

Effects of Psychiatric Medications
(video link at end)

Committees of Safety / Emergency Links
Heirloom Seeds - Alternative Heat - Alternative Transportation - Evac Plans, EMP Protection, Rainwater Collection & Storage, etc.

Marriage Licenses
Cliff & Sara's Covenant Wedding Marriage Ceremony Booklet - Reordered/print-ready
Cliff & Sara's Constitutional Covenant
"5 Reasons Why Christians Should
Not Obtain a State Marriage License"
- Pastor Matt Trewhella
Sovereign Christian Marriage

"The Move to Depopulate the Planet"

Recommended Reading & DVDs

A Treatise on Arrest & False Imprisonment
Maxims of Law - Charles A. Weisman
Why A Bankrupt America? (Read It Online)
American Heritage Series DVDs - WallBuilders

Law Links

North Carolina American Republic
Carolina Liberty is dedicated to education toward re-establishing the state that was taken from us on July 1st, 1868 as the end result of the Reconstruction Acts. Below are digital copies of our state's original founding documents and proof that our state was taken from us.

NC Constitution (The Original - Dec 18, 1776)
NC Declaration of Rights
NC Amendments
Lieber Code

Reconstruction Acts: 1867-03-02, 1867-03-23, 1867-07-19, 1868-03-11
The Reconstruction Acts Articles of War Against the American People, Usurpation of States Rights

Surrender letter of Jonathan Worth, Governor of North Carolina

Dyett v. Turner
- 14th Amendment was proposed by unseating Senators
The Unconstitutionality of the 14th Amendment
by Judge Leander Perez

Declaration Of Re-Establishment Of The North-Carolina American Rebublic

U.S. Founding Documents

Bill of Rights and Later Amendments
Constitution of the United States
Declaration of Independence

Right to Travel (Driving vs. Traveling)

Driving is a Privilege for Commercial use and that Traveling is a RIGHT and for PRIVATE use. Originally when licensing was first enacted it was for Commercial use. Infringement upon this most basic of rights, the right to move from one location to another is one of the most obvious infrigments upon our liberties.
Bouvier's Dictionary (search 'Driver' & 'Travel')

State Sovereignty
New Hampshire Resolution


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